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300% More Storage To Be Expected In Intel’s Optane SSD 900P

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1.5TB Of Blazing Fast Storage!

Intel’s Optane SSD 900P was considered by many as the SSD of the year, and for a good reason. While SSDs already provided amazingly high speeds and low latencies, the Optane 900P SSD made it even better. It uses 3D Xpoint technology to blow away the competition. The only drawback about it was its rather limited storage capacity with 480 Gigs as the maximum capacity. Well, Not anymore.

A recent product change notification (PDF) suggests that there will be 960GB and 1.5TB models available as well. This will allow more options for those who want to store more in their high-speed storage.

Aside from the capacity bump, there are other changes included as well. These include lower voltages and printing of firmware version on the packaging. The firmware version is actually a nifty tidbit to add. This is because it allows you to easily check if you need to update the firmware or if you’re already on the latest version. The unimportant changes include a new packaging with more logos.

Considering the fact that the 280GB variant retails for $390 and the 480GB variant costing $600, the newer variants can go well over $1,000. This is even after keeping the cost per GB as $1, whereas the 480GB and the 280GB variants had $1.39 and $1.25 per GB respectively.

Are you interested in high-speed storage? Or are you just fine with a regular SSD that you use for Windows and certain programs? Let me know in the comments below!