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5 Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitors Of November 2016!


Treat Yourself With An Ultrawide Experience This November

With the holiday season right around the corner, it won’t be wrong to spoil yourself a little bit before buying gifts for the people you love. And what could be a better gift for yourself than an ultrawide gaming monitor. Okay, maybe ultrawides aren’t that good for gaming because of the 21:9 aspect ratio but there are quite a few good games that support it not to mention that if you’re someone who also creates gameplays and how-to tutorials for a game, then getting an ultrawide will dramatically change the way that you create content for your channel. Keeping that in mind, here are the top 5 ultrawide gaming monitors of November 2016:

1. LG 34UM57-P

Although one of the drawbacks of having a 34” 2560*1080 ultrawide screen is the lesser pixel density, a larger screen real estate is also good for doing multiple things at once. Besides, the IPS panel on the 34UM57-P by LG is no joke, as it features a very color-accurate display (over 99% sRGB).

ultrawide gaming monitor

The thin bezels complement the overall wide footprint of 35.5 x 20.3 x 5.3 inches, but the start of the show here is freesync that keeps microstuttering and screen tearing at higher framerates at bay. 5ms response time and 60Hz (75Hz if you use DisplayPort and turn freesync on) aren’t exactly top tier features from a gaming perspective, but it’s good enough to have a buttery smooth gameplay experience (if you have a good enough GPU, that is). The VESA mount and the tilt+height adjustment support serve as the cherry on the cake.

2. LG 29UM68

If you’re out for buying a budget ultrawide then we suggest considering the LG 29UM68-P. It’s basically a 29 inch version of the 34UM57-P, featuring everything from freesync to the thin bezels. The only difference here is the smaller size of the monitor itself (because of the lesser screen size) and the lack of height adjustment which, frankly, is acceptable from such a good monitor at this price point.

ultrawide gaming monitor

3. Acer Predator X34 bmiphz

Going completely crazy with our gaming setup is also something that a lot of us desire. If you have the same big desire and an equally big wallet, then the Acer predator X34 is the one for you. It’s packed to the core with features that gamers will need from G-sync support to 4ms response time. The 60Hz refresh rate was a bummer for us, but seeing small little ‘overclockable to 100Hz’ bracket beside it pretty makes up for it. The big 34 inch 3440*1440 resolution gives at an amazing pixel density of ~110 ppi from a normal viewing distance.

Ultrawide gaming monitor

IPS panel makes it great for content creation, and it boasts a 100% sRGB gamut color reproduction, though we can’t confirm if that’s true. Last but not the least, that curve is something that you can definitely boast on your Instagram page and get a really immersive experience while playing an ultrawide supported game such as Skyrim or watching movies and TV shows. All in all, if you want to have one of the best, if not the best ultrawide gaming monitors, and cost isn’t a deciding factor, then the acer predator X34 is the one for you.

4. Samsung C27F591

A lot of people (myself included) don’t really care about the best among the best features like the X34 did and just want something that is an ultrawide, is affordable and still has that curve. If you are among them, the C27F591 by Samsung is the answer to your prayers. One glance at the monitor and it’s simply hard to believe a curved ultrawide monitor being available at that price.

ultrawide gaming monitor

The good stuff doesn’t end at the form factor and price. This bad boy has freesync and a 4ms response time. The drawback here is that you’re stuck with a lower 1920*1080 resolution rather than the typically found 2560*1080 but when you think of the resolution, it’s actually a good point for some people who don’t have the top end graphics cards to run games at any higher than 1080p. The 60Hz refresh rate can be ramped up to 75Hz with freesync on, so no issues there as well

5. Acer XR342CK

Even though G-sync is an amazing technology that boasts a lot of improvements in your gameplay, the fact that it requires separate hardware to fit inside the TV makes it a tad more expensive, thus making freesync a more affordable option for those who have a beefier graphics card as freesync utilizes the existing horsepower in your AMD GPU to do the same functions as a G-sync monitor would do.

Ultrawide gaming monitor
Acer XR342CK

It is perhaps for this purpose that you can find an Acer XR342CK for a lesser price than it’s g-sync brother but boasts the same amazing specs in a curved ultrawide build. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz (overclockable to 75Hz using DisplayPort and freesync), a decent 5ms response time and a 100% sRGB gamut coverage which is good enough for gaming and productivity.

So, these were our top 5 ultrawide gaming monitors for November 2016. Did you like what we’ve picked or do you have a better suggestion? Leave a comment below!