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Conor McGregor to Be Included in CoD: Infinite Warfare


The UFC Star Will Make an Unprecedented Appearance in the Upcoming Activision Game

As uncanny as it sounds, Conor McGregor will actually be involved in the game as he mentions in his tweet attached below.


He specifically writes “When the biggest need the baddest to do work, I answer the call.” on his tweet, which has gained a lot of responses, most of which have been positive, like these:





And some funny ones, like these:



While some being both funny and positive, like these:


And some were just downright creepy like these:


As far as we know, the game’s campaign will be focusing on a battle for the solar system, in which the antagonists will be the SDF or the Settlement Defense Front, who obviously want to take over the solar system.

There will be some differences this time around as the game will be centered around space which would mean new gameplay mechanics around zero-gravity situations, newer enemies, new graphics, and so on and so forth. Though it has received a mixed reputation among critics, the general view of the game is mostly positive.

Regardless, I cannot wait for Call of Duty:Infinite Warfaregame to release which will be on November 4 of this year.