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Destiny 2 Manages To Get 1.2 Million Concurrent Players


Sorry, PUBG

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds did manage a pretty impressive feat in itself by having 900k concurrent players which soon escalated to 1 million players on steam, the release of Destiny 2 on the 6th of this month seems to be the more popular thing around, with 1.2 million players currently playing it, on consoles. Bungie celebrated this victory in a tweet:

I say it again for the sake of emphasis: on consoles. In case you weren’t aware about it, the PC version of the game isn’t even out yet, and managing 1.2 million players without a gaming giant like steam is impressive to say the least. Who knows what the figures will be when the game is out for PC on October 24th.

However, this isn’t a new milestone by any stretch of imagination. Many games like Minecraft has seen days with a million concurrent players, and games like overwatch managed to get 7 million concurrents within the first week of its released. Others like GTA 5 and World of Warcraft continue to top the charts to this day.

Well, it seems that despite players being angry about the whole “shaders are a one-time-use” thing for the game, Destiny 2 is still popular as you can see news websites being filled with nothing but news about the game.