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‘Discovery Update’ For Minecraft Adds Bartering, Llama Packs & More!


The Update Is Only For Windows 10 And Mobile Versions of Minecraft

Update 1.1 for the most popular game among adults and small kids alike, Minecraft, brings a lot of cool stuff and will be released pretty soon for Windows 10 and Smartphone versions of MC.

“There are many mysterious and wondrous things to uncover,” Mojang said in a blog post. “Barter with a cartographer for a treasure map, sling your supplies into a llama’s pack (or into a shulker box) and embark on an epic quest to locate the dank and dangerous forest mansion.”

The update will also add enchantments like mending that keeps your sword sharp, frostwalking that lets you walk on water, and also an ability when you defeat all monsters in the said mansion. But what is probably the most exciting part about the update is that Mojang said that this is just a taste of things to come, thus keeping us eager to download the update the moment it comes out. There will be more details announced in the coming weeks.

The Discovery Update will be available on Android for testers “in the near future.” It’s also coming to iOS and Windows 10, though there is no word yet on consoles (PC Master Race).