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Epic To Remove An Unintended Swastika Symbol In Fortnite


For People Who Could Actually Be Offended With Such A Trivial Thing

You can expect a lot from Fortnite’s update this week. One of these will be the removal of the swastika symbol which happens when four corners are joined.

It was discovered by a redditor EuBestCityEu who mentions “We were making a dance floor in tilted when one of my teammates noticed this,”. Some comments in Reddit threads claimed that the image was fake, however Epic games confirmed and promised its removal.

“Thanks for bringing this to our attention,” Fortnite dev DanDaDaDanDan wrote. “This was unintended and will be addressed ASAP by adjusting the metal piece art!”

In my opinion, this is a really trivial matter and giving it too much weight is ridiculous. In the wise words of username Skeram from disqus: “If you try hard enough you can make swastikas and penises out of almost anything.”.

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