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Fortnite Surpasses Minecraft on YouTube


Minecraft Hunger Games Is Still The OG, Though!

You know what they say, don’t say you love the Anime if you haven’t read the Manga:

Jokes apart, Minecraft was the biggest game on YouTube. Emphasis on the was. Fortnite has recently surpassed the pixelated survival game by securing more than 2.4 billion worldwide views on YT.

Here’s a little chart to let you see the MC trend falling after the battle royale was released.

Keep in mind, though, that this is nowhere near Minecraft all-time highs. However, with events such as Drake vs Ninja crossing 600,000 concurrent viewers and bigger events such as Celebrities vs Pros on the way, we’re bound to see the viewer count grow.

“The pace of Fortnite’s growth is astonishing. Between January and February, Fortnite’s viewership grew a whopping 151 percent,” says Matchmade, the influencer marketing platform. “During the past 6 months, The average month-to-month growth rate of Fortnite viewership on YouTube is +97 percent. Content creators are on board, and we’ve seen the number of Fortnite videos jump from 9945 (Feb 1st) to 12762 (Mar 1st) in just one month—an increase of 28 percent.”

There are many factors that contributed to such a growth. Some of them are the obvious ones like the game being free and widely available and the competitors being somewhat restrictive.

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However, I would like to know what’s your take on this? In your opinion, what made the game so popular and (probably) will make it continue to break records like these? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!