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Hearthstone Ditches Restrictive Synergy Picks System in Arena Mode


Negative Feedback Paid Off After All

After getting outrage by fans for introducing a very restrictive system in the arena mode for Hearthstone, Blizzard swiftly made changes by promising a patch coming in the near future that will get rid of the system. The reason behind the system in the first place was that the cards would provide a good base for a cohesive deck as they would help direct your future pick.

Originally, in the Arena mode players would pick between one of three random cards and keep repeating this until they have 30 cards in their deck. The update added a system where your options for the first two cards are dependent on the small choice of so-called ‘synergy cards’ which work well with other cards of the same kind. But that didn’t work as well as they expected as players complain that the new card pool is too small and is forcing them to choose cards that aren’t as optimal for their deck.

“This won’t be removed in the Balance patch…it will be removed in a patch after that though,” said Mike Donais, one of Hearthstone’s designers, on a Reddit post yesterday. “The first two picks will be the same as all the other picks. It is being removed.”

After Blizzard announced the change it seems that the general populous is happy with it. However, it is worth noting that this system won’t be dropped in the upcoming patch that balances a few aspects of the game.