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Here Are The 2018 Plans For Improving Rocket League

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Online Performance Is The Top Priority

Aside from PUBG and Destiny 2 grabbing the spotlight, 2017 was still a good year for Rocket League. More than 38 million players enjoyed kicking football using a car. However, Psyonix is planning on improving the game further, and has released details about the same. 2018 for Rocket League will feature a primary focus on improving the performance when playing online.

Psyonix also added that they will be acting on player complaints about the unsteady game servers. For fixing that, it will be adding a tool that makes it simpler to understand the issue and allows the player to report bad connections.

“We’ll be rolling out improved connection quality status information in the game client in 2018 that will tell you if you’re experiencing packet loss, latency variance, or legitimate game server performance issues,” the blog post said. “We’re looking into how we can allow the community to report servers they think are performing poorly to help us identify and resolve problems more quickly.”

Furthermore, you can also expect a tournament mode to popup, the beta for which will start in early 2018. Plus, Psyonix also hopes to “revamp the progression system to make XP meaningful again”. This allows you to unlock titles, free decryptors and banners when you level up.

Another noteworthy addition is the support for cross-platform playing in the next year. It probably won’t take long considering that there are already reports of successful tests on Steam servers earlier in 2017. “We’ll begin rolling it out to all of our players sometime next year,” Psyonix said.

You can check out the complete post over here. Let me know in the comments about the additions you would like to see in Rocket league in the next year.