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Intel Claims Coffee Lake Mobile Processors Provides 40% Performance Boost Over Previous Gen CPU


Intel Sheds Some More Light On What To Expect From 8th Gen Processors

While Intel intends to kick things off by releasing their coffee lake mobile processors meant for laptops, their press release wasn’t unlike some other ones where they talked about the solar eclipse, and then went on ahead to say that only the mobile i5 and i7 variants of their latest 10nm 8th gen chips will be coming to the market on September. There will be ~145 different models with different specs each, and more to come when the desktop processors roll out this fall.

“This is what inspired us to push the limits with our 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. We wanted to deliver the platform-wide improvements that embrace and enhance all of the incredible innovation around us – from 4K to VR and beyond – and make them more accessible to everyone. With that in mind, I’m excited to share the first details on how we are bringing this to life with our new 8th Gen Intel Core processors. We will start rolling out our 8th Gen family today, beginning with a range of mobile processors designed specifically for sleek thin and light notebooks and 2 in 1s.” says intel on their press release.

Other examples that Intel claims that these mobile processors are capable of doing include:

  • Up to 48% faster photo editing in comparison to Kaby Lake processors.
  • 14.7x faster video editing and 3 minutes of render time, though there were no specifics mentioned (video quality, framerate, codec, etc)
  • Support for external Thunderbolt 3 graphics cards.

You can check out the Facebook video which was live and covered it all in detail here.