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Mutiplayer Beta For Stardew Valley Is Releasing Next Year

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Possibility Of An Underwater Map Teased As Well

Eric Barone, the man behind Stardew Valley gave a glimpse at some upcoming single player content last month. It was followed by the mention about a multi-player update that will take things to a whole new level. To shed some more light on the matter, Chucklefish, the publisher of the game, has teased a few things which includes an underwater mode for the game:

The previous teased image (which is the purple boat with a few barrels and boxes) didn’t show much to talk about. But the latest image that Chucklefish showed in the tweet gives some information. The aquatic backdrop could hint towards an underwater mode. The presence of different shades of blue in the room is also a strong indicator of the same. However, all of this is just assumption, and might just turn out to be something else. Leave your thoughts on what this could be in the comments below!

The post that accompanied the tweet by Chucklefish also gives info about the multiplayer update. Originally set to be released this year, the plan was postponed to early 2018, which is now confirmed. The update will feature inter-player marriage, expanded festivals along with a bunch of exciting stuff. You can check out the full details here.