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New Pickpocketing Mod For GTA 5 Adds Some Spice


For Those Who Prefer The Gandhi Way Of Being a Thug in GTA 5

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto, killing innocent civilians is always the way to get some quick cash from their bodies. But what if I told there was a non-lethal way to get some moolah? It’s not legal either, but hey, it’s GTA we’re talking about, you don’t exactly play this to earn money the legit way.

Behold iLLo’s pickpocket script, which basically enables the theft in Grand Theft Auto. You can now swipe the cash or other goodies such as smartphones from people’s pockets.

“Bump into them, get the stuff, and get the hell out,” he says. There’s two approaches to theft in this mod: You can do things the stealthy way by taking your time and leaving an unsuspecting victim with all of his/her goodies. Or, you can do it the traditional way: bumping into people and forcing your way out.

What do you do once you’ve bailed with the good stuff? You can sell it off to a nearby dealer which you find on your map. Sure, there’s still heists you can run to get some cash anyway, but who wants to get through that hassle when you can simply take one item from each person, find the green blip on your map, and get some quick cash?

Skip to 7.30 below to see Pickpocket Script in action:

The mod has potential for improvements too, as iLLo intends to add a tiered pickpocketing skill stat, inventory stashes and some wanted level adjustments. However, the one which really caught my eye was the plan to add deals who sometimes snitch you out to the po-po or rob from you. It adds that sort of excitement and has that realistic approach to it.

More information on Pickpocket Script, including installation instructions, can be found on its GTA5-Mods page.

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What are your thoughts? Will you be installing this mod or are you better off with the vanilla version? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: PC Gamer.