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New Ransomware Only Unlocks Your Files If You Play PUBG


But, Boss, I Can’t Edit The Spreadsheets Unless I Play For An Hour!

The WannaCry ransomware had create quite a few problems for some of the hospitals in UK a while back. However, not all of them are necessarily evil. There’s a new ransomware out that will encrypt your files and you can only decrypt them if you play PUBG.

The ransomware was created by MalwareHunterTeam which will encrypt all the files on your PC including images, music and documents. You cannot access them until you play the game for an hour.

“Your files is encrypted by PUBG Ransomware! but don’t worry! It is not hard to unlock it,” the virtual hostage note says. “I don’t want money! Just play PUBG 1Hours!” 

However, this was obviously created as a joke after considering the fact that you don’t even need to play the game for an hour. Just launching it and closing it will trigger the software to decrypt all of the files. If you’re not even willing to be a sport and launch the game, the software also provides a restore code that will unlock the stuff. So, yeah, as far as ransomware goes, this wasn’t necessarily malicious.

However, it’s 2018, who knows what ungodly code might be running underneath the software while you’re having a good chuckle on the so-called ransomware? I’m not suggesting it does that but it’s still a possibility. Even if it doesn’t, why would you want to run it and have an irritating pop-up by windows defender (assuming they’re now aware of this news and have added an updated).