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Outlast 2 Un-Banned In Australia

classification board unbans outlast 2 in Australia

Australia’s Classification Board Changes Decision and Releases Outlast 2 In The Region

After it’s previous decision of not even giving a rating to the game, effectively banning the game in the region, the Australian Classification Board has decided to give Outlast 2 a rating of 18+ after re-submission, thus allowing users to enjoy the game when it gets released. [UPDATE] Though it wasn’t known earlier what led to the board to change their decision because it was implied that the resubmitted game wasn’t edited in any manner, it has now been confirmed that the board made the decision as a result of the modification of some of the game’s content that allowed it to fall under the rating of 18+.

According to the Australian Government’s Classification Board website, the horror sequel was given its new rating on March 21, and is deemed to have “high impact horror themes, violence, blood, gore and sex.” The five-point scale applied to each aspect of the rating (i.e. violence, drug use, sex, etc.) ranges from “very mild impact” to “high impact,”.

This simply means that the game originally had a lot of sexual content that is too extreme for any classification board, and thus also means that the resubmitted game did have a few changes made onto it. Apart from this classification board, the game hasn’t received any rating from the other widely used classification boards PEGI and ESRB, though it’s likely that both with have a rating of 18 and M respectively.  Regardless, the game will be released even in Australia just like the other nations on the 26th of April, 2017.