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Overclocker Sets New Single-Card Benchmark Record After OCing i9-7980XE to 6.1GHz!

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Who Says That The Gigahertz War Has Ended?

Despite the so-called Megahertz/Gigahertz war ended with the inference that it’s as much about clockspeed of a processor as it is about other aspects like the manufacturing process, the amount of cache, among other things. The high-end models are still hitting new milestones in terms of clockspeed all the time, with Intel’s latest core i9-7980XE being a part of it, hitting 6.1 GHz under liquid nitrogen cooling on all cores but one.

It was done by an overclock enthusiast you might know about: Roman Hartung, otherwise known as der8auer. Whilst the CPU did consume a phenomenal 1000 watts of power to hit that frequency, on the plus side, each one of the 18 total cores were overclocked to 6 GHz when he applied a lot of thermal paste to the CPU die itself. He exposed them by slicing off a portion of the IHS and surrounding sections of the PCB. If he doesn’t do that he loses ~400 MHz under load.

He’s done some crazy stuff before too, like delidding Ryzen Threadripper 1950X to see what the chip is made of. But the i9-7980XE overclocked better than its competitor and fared better in synthetic tests. Where the Ryzen Threadripper 1950X on 5.4GHz scored 4514 in Cinebench R15, Intel’s offering reached 5635 on a 5.6 GHz clockspeed.

But that didn’t mean he just let it go like that. Der8auer actually added an Nvidia Titan XP, and cooled it using liquid nitrogen to set new record for the single-card 3Mark Benchmark records: where it scored 45,705 in 3DMark 11 and 35,782 in 3DMark Firestrike.