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Project Scorpio Tech Specs Revealed, [email protected] Expected!


Microsoft’s New Console Might Pack Some Serious Punch

Although consoles were capable of playing 4K games in the past, they were simply an upscaled version of 1080p and didn’t boast considerable framerates or a very eye candy graphical setting. However, Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s initiative to bridge the gap between performance by providing true 4K at 60fps.

Though the graphical settings were still not noteworthy, the console was able to consistently deliver 60fps at 4K in Forza Motorsport, according to Digital Foundry anyway. The specs mentioned were a 1TB storage, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, out of which 4GB is reserved for system functions and 8GB is available for developers to use. This is a step up both in terms of capacity and the type of RAM used as it’s predecessor, the xbox one, is still using DDR3 RAM.

Microsoft also claims that the Scorpio will run every xbox one game better mainly because it won’t use any emulation and will directly make use of the system resources to make the game run natively. All of this is well and good, not to mention an updated CPU that will make things even more sweeter. Backwards compatibility with the games for xbox 360 might still be an issue as the hardware changes in between the generations of consoles could mean that the devs have to tweak the games in order to get it working on the Scorpio.

The new console is due to launch this holiday, but it remains to be seen when Microsoft will start to officially show it off in more detail. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said he is unsure if Microsoft will show off Project Scorpio before E3 in June, while also stating recently that he thinks it’s “critical” for first-party games to be ready for the system’s launch.