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PS4 Flash Sale is Ongoing on PSN Games in USA


Will Be Followed By Another Flash Sale For A Limited Time

It seems Sony has launched another flash sale on the US PlayStation store. This one was preceded by a sale that wasn’t launched too long ago and, like all flash sales, brought some awesome discounts to the table. You’ll find some amazing discounts for PS4, PSN, PS3 and PS Vita games for a very limited time.

A majority of these deals are pertaining to PlayStation 4. Some of the noteworthy deals are Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition for $15.99, Metro Last Light: Complete edition for $8.99 and The Walking Dead: Complete Edition for $19.99.

However, if you’re in the nostalgic mood, there are plenty of sales on older games for previous-gen consoles too. These include the all-time favorites such as GTA: San Andreas for $5.99 and Prototype for $7.99. The games that caught my eye were Saints Row Gat out of Hell and Dead Island.

If you’re also thinking of sitting back and relaxing instead of jittering around on the console, there are plenty of deals on Movies as well. They are priced differently based on their HD and SD variants.

Now I’m not a movie guy, so I’ll just give show you some prices of popular pop culture movies that I know of. Hunger games, the complete collection is going for $28.99 for both HD and SD variants. The avengers only has an HD version for $15.99 while the expendables 1, 2 and 3 have both HD and SD variants for $15.99 as well (includes all 3 movies). Finally, the Ghostbusters are all yours for $9.99, regardless of which variant you choose.

All of these prices are valid till 8 AM Pacific Time (11 AM ET), March 12. Keep in mind that there’s no extra discount if you’re a PlayStation plus member.

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Did you find any deal worth grabbing in this flash sale? Or are you going to stick to the weekly PS4 deals? Let me know in the comments below!