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Red Dead Redemption Gets A 4K Update On Xbox One X


Looks Pretty Darn Amazing

No matter if you’re a PC gamer or a console gamer, we’ve got to admit that Red Dead Redemption is awesome. Well, that awesomeness is now coming to the Xbox One X in full 4K glory.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two:

Now if you’re really into the graphical stuff, this post by Eurogamer dives deeper and gives an in-depth analysis. However, the gist of the story:

“Overall then, Red Dead Redemption at 4K is a treat, and since there is little hope of a PC version of the game – or even a current-gen console remaster, this appears to be as good as it gets. As a free update for Xbox One X users, it’s hard to complain. Sure, we’d love to see a 60fps rendition of Red Dead Redemption. And yes, we’d even relish the chance to see it rendering with a 4K texture pack, with other tweaks and changes in LODs, effects, lighting or shadows. What we have instead is a straight 4K delivery of a classic game – which still manages to look impressive eight years on. The improved frame-rate, tweaked mip-maps and best-in-class performance also means that the X supplants the standard Xbox One as the definitive way to play the game”

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So… yeah, that’s actually basically it. Do you think that the game should be focusing towards pushing up the framerate to 60fps or do you prefer eye-candy? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!