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Skyrim For Nintendo Switch Gets a Release Date!


Get Killed By Giants On-The-Go

While most gamers would agree about Skyrim getting a new version way too many times, it goes without saying that the popular handheld Nintendo switch owners will still be flocking to the stores to buy the game to play on the move. After all, who wouldn’t like exploring the magical world of Skyrim even with inferior graphics?

You can expect the game for the Switch to come out on November 17 in both North America and Europe. This variant consists of the base game plus three expansions: Dragonborn (centered around Solstheim and the oblivion realm Apocrypha), Dawnguard (centered around the war of vampires and vampire hunters and an old prophecy) and Hearthfire (which is centered around making your own home).

But, aside from the regulars, the switch variant is a bit different. You can play it using motion controls, allowing you to pick locks, swing weapons or aim your bow with your joy-con controller. Furthermore, it also has exclusive armor and weapons with the Zelda theme on it, which can be unlocked by scanning compatible Amiibo figures. The presentation showed that you may also find more rare items like these when traveling the cold lands of Skyrim.

For a game that was released in 2011, Skyrim is surely one of the most popular games of all time.