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This New Mod For Wolf3D Removes Nazis


Basically a Dog-Petting Simulator

Wolf3D came out in 1992, and people hated the Nazis just as much (if not more) back then as they do now. The ability to shoot and kill them was one of the best aspects of the game. However, despite my nostalgic side wanting it to be perfect, it wasn’t. The ability to kill dogs was just plain bad. Sure, those canines wanted to kill you, but they had no idea they were working under the whim of a genocidal maniac.

Which is why there’s a new mod out. Named return to Castle Woofenstein or ‘Woof3D’, the mod lets you pet dogs until they snooze, and also removes Nazis from the game. This Essentially makes Woof3D a dog petting simulator in a Nazi background. I would say weird, but there are weirder games out there.

“There’s a big ol’ castle full of dogs wanting pats and you’re the one to pet them,” reads creator’s description. “Sorry, they jump up on you, I hope you don’t mind dog paw prints on your jeans. Just pat them and they’ll fall asleep pretty quick.”

You’ll need to enable god more and play the game on the hardest difficult to run the mod.

You’ll need DOSBox to run the mod which the mod page on itch.io provides if you don’t have it. However, a copy of Wolf3D isn’t required to pet dogs to your heart’s content.

Check it out here.

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