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Upcoming Expansion For ESO To Be Set in Summerset Isles


Home of The Proud Experts of Magicka, The High Elves

The high elves may not have been a very lovable race in Skyrim, but their mastery in magic and rich history has made them one of the best races to play with. If you, like me, prefer magic over might, then the next expansion of the Elder Scrolls Online will suit you. Bethesda announced that the events of the expansion ‘Summerset’ will take place in (you guessed it) Summerset Isles, the native land of the Altmer.

The expansion will end the story that began with the Orsinium DLC in 2015 and will add a new faction, some skillsets, the ability to craft jewelry, new bosses among other exciting stuff.

Summerset is a lush, lovely place, “but trouble is hiding in the shadows, and corruption threatens to destroy High Elf society from within,” Bethesda said.

The reason behind that is quite political. It’s difficult to understand unless you have acquainted yourself with the Elder Scrolls or played ESO. Neither of these things is something I have done, so here’s a quote by Andy Chalk at PC Gamer who has:

“That may be why Queen Ayrenn has opened the borders to outsiders for the first time in Altmeri history, and also why she’s not actually living there right now. Instead, her cousin, Alwinarwe, rules as regent, aided by Khajit spy Razum-dar, Valsirenn of the Psijic Order, and Alchemy, a performer in the House of Reveries.”

The game will go live n 21st May for PC users but is already available for pre-purchase on Steam in multiple versions. One of these releases is a physical one and includes a statue of the Daedric Prince Mephala.

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Source: PC Gamer.