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Valve Updates Tec9 Characteristics For CS:GO


The Nerf Will Reduce The Pistol’s Accuracy When Firing Rapidly

Tec9 is often the terrorist’s choice of a pistol when playing CS:GO, and for a good reason. The good fire rate, decent damage and reasonable accuracy pretty is only complementary to the real fact that it’s cheap cost will allow you to save some moolah to buy a bigger gun in the next round.

However, valve has recently announced a nerf  which is rather just a start in the many more upcoming changes to pistols in the game with the intention of ’emphasizing skillful use of the weapons’ , starting by reducing tec9’s accuracy when one fires multiple shots of it. Furthermore, you’ll probably also see a decrease in magazine in total ammo capacity as valve has already done so with the tec9, bringing it down from 24 and 120 to 18 and 90 respectively.

The changes will “emphasise aiming while retaining the weapon’s high mobility” which is just a posh way of saying that you’ll have to stop spamming left click and time your shots to get a hit.

Although still in beta, the change will happen as announced in the CS:GO blog. No announcements have been made (yet) on which pistol will be next or what other changes will be implemented, but you know what to do to stay updated (subscribe to the newsletter, is basically what I’m saying).