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What The Heck is Going on With AMD GPU Pricing?


Thanks to Bitcoin Mining, Expect AMD GPU Prices to Stay Up For a While

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new GPU to upgrade your system recently, you may have come across the insane pricing of AMD graphics cards on Major Online websites like Amazon, Newegg and whatnot. But why the heck is it so?

Simple. Cryptocurrency mining. Although there were category of graphics cards that were specifically aimed towards mining cryptocurrency (known as ASIC cards), the coins soon grew resistant to them, making them quite bit more difficult to mine. However, recently someone experimented on AMD’s latest Polaris architecture GPUs and found out that they are quite good at mining them, Etherium being the most popular one as it had recently grown three times its original price in a matter of months.


So, when there’s an opportunity to earn some cash while doing nothing, you know for a fact that the products that facilitate this will be sold out in no time. And it surely did. Within a few days, the entire stock of AMD cards was wiped out on all of the online stores, with retailers now demanding triple the MSRP, making it difficult for people who just want to get a graphics card to game on their system on a budget.

AMD’s advertising after hearing about this made matters worse. After the buzz got out, AMD quickly updated their GPU advertising with something like this:

Long story short, you will have to wait a while if you’re going to upgrade your system to an AMD GPU. Fortunately, Nvidia hasn’t been the victim of this movement so you can pretty much buy them at the same prices as before.