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What to Expect From Fallout 76


Bethesda Hasn’t Left A Lot To Imagination As We Know Some Major Details About The Game!

E3 definitely was a blast, and Bethesda’s showcases were rock solid from The Elder Scrolls 6 to Starfield amongst many others. Fallout 76 was one of those games which were showcased with a lot of details, which we’ll be covering in our listicle before. Here are the top 5 things you can expect from Fallout 76:

1. Four Times As Big As Fallout 4

One of the key features of any open world is the sheer size of the world. Fallout 4 was already a huge step up from its predecessors but Fallout 76 is taking it even a step further by being 4 times as huge as Fallout 4. At least, that’s what Todd Howard claims. The world be divided into 6 major regions with their own set of flora and fauna.

2. New Creatures

Of course, new flora and fauna means new eatables and new enemies to shoot with your 10mm pistol. There aren’t specifics provided, but there will be new bloated creatures which are inspired off creatures in West Virginia, where the game is set. “We even used the folklore of West Virginia to bring our Fallout versions [of monsters] to life,”, says Howard. It will also have an urban legend-based creature in it called the mothman.

3. Similar Yet Different

There will be lots of aspects about the game that will still remind of you of the previous Fallout games but there are some things which are different such as the game type. It’s switched from an offline single player RPG/survival game to an online survival where you can play with your friends.

This brings it close to games such as Day Z but all is not lost for you folks who prefer to be the lone wolf. You can still complete quests and have a storyline similar to previous games, it’s only that you’ll be sharing the world with a few other players. Given the sheer size of the map and the relatively low number of players in a given server, you won’t be bumping into new players every second.

4. You Can Still Build Stuff

Whether you loved or hated the settlements part of Fallout 4, Bethesda isn’t letting it go, and will feature building settlements for the upcoming game too.

“You can build wherever you want. And you can pack up and move that wherever you want,”

That, combined with the showcase pointed that there won’t be much of a difference between this and the previous settlement system.

5. It’s Not Too Far Away

Similar to Fallout 4, which was also released on November, Fallout 76 is only a few months away. It will be released on all 3 gaming platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.