Advantages of Having a Console Over a PC

No PC Master Race, no Console Peasants, We’re All Gamers!

Though there are tons of reasons out there to prefer a PC over a console, and we’re already sure you’ve heard most, if not all of them by now, but there are some advantages to having a console as well and while some PCMR enthusiasts might hate on this, it’s still true. Keep in mind that we won’t be bringing any sort of nonsense like “Human eye can’t see more than 24 fps” into the equation but rather a logical and acceptable set of reasons to buy a console:


Time and again the console folks have been bragging about exclusives, and while the PC side of things is actually more strong on this due to the fact that there are more PC exclusives, the existence of some amazing quality exclusives on consoles such as the God of War series, The Last of Us among many others make them more preferable over PC exclusives. Though once again there are some PC exclusives that are damn impressive as well (Starcraft comes to mind), it’s no surprise that some of the console exclusive games are astonishingly good.

Playing With Friends & Family

If you tend to have a lot of gaming sessions with your family or friends, then they probably won’t bring their own laptop and it’s just better to fire up a console, plug in their respective controllers and get started. Not to mention the bigger screen real estate that you get by hooking it up to your TV albeit with a lower resolution and graphics.

Couch Potato

Let’s face it: even the most expensive ‘gaming chair’ in the world cannot match the comfort and the homely feeling of a couch as you can just relax and turn on your console for a quick 10 minute gaming session. There is a workaround for this on the PC but isn’t really convenient if you use it for more than just gaming, not to mention the slower refresh rate and resolution of your TV will not give justice to the beefy GTX 1080 in your rig.

Recent Improvements

With the PS4 Pro and the Xbox one S it’s clear that consoles have come a long way, and although are still not as powerful as a PC, still come pretty close to having a smooth gaming experience even at 4K. 30fps isn’t world-class, but it’s still playable, and definitely worth it if you don’t spend a majority of your time gaming.

Fair Online Multiplayer

How many times have you seen hackers in an online game who completely ruin the point of competitive gameplay on a PC? A lot of time from our experience. And though it is possible to get a hacked client onto a console, the procedure can be a bit tricky, and you won’t see it that often either.

Despite all of this, we are full aware of the fact that there will be some people raging over this simply because they think that PC is superior. And while it’s true from a certain perspective, it’s not really meaningful in many use cases, thus making console a better buy for people who want and appreciate the features of a console as said above.

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  • Jonathan Twyman

    This article may have been valid several years ago. However, that is no longer the case. You can build affordable gaming computers that are cheap enough and small enough to tote around. You can game on big screens with a PC. You can use xbox controllers (yes wireless ones), you can do multiplayer just fine. Last of us? Playstation Now. God of war? Playstation Now. Gears of war? Windows store. This article is falling apart and it was only just created.