GTA V Mod That Brought RDR Map Has Been Cancelled

Take Two Contacted The Team Leader Mr Leisurewear To Cancel The Project

Although a while back we wrote a news article on how the developer Mr Leisurewear is planning on bringing the entire map of Red Dead Redemption to GTA V, unfortunately it is now known that the development of the mod has been cancelled.

“I know this is hard pill to swallow, but as you may have noticed we did get contacted,” Mr. Leisurewear wrote on “And we sadly have to say we are stopping this project. So thanks guys, we were all so happy to see this, but it isn’t going to happen, sorry.”

The team leader didn’t specify who contacted them but it was later revealed to be Take Two. Though some users had it confused, he clarified by stating that the mod wasn’t going to be a ‘PC port’ of the game.

“It was just gonna be the map,” he explained. “Undertaking this sort of a project with additional content ported over was never feasible… we were only gonna get a way to convert the map with both legal copies of each game, and some custom scripted additional content… there was never any intention or mention to either port a story mode over from RDR to V.”

He is still going to keep the files he had been working hard on for almost 3 years on and things get even worse when he revealed that he’ll face a lawsuit if he releases the .white toolkit to the public (the .white toolkit was what enabled users to work with the files on both the games in the first place).

“Also, to anyone asking for the .White toolkit, sadly I’m ordered to not release anything,” he said. “And I will probably get a lawsuit if I do officially (which I dont have right now).”

While we aren’t strangers to game companies forcing devs to shut down their project it’s a real shame to see such hardwork gone to waste. What are your thoughts on the same? Leave a comment below!

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