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Is It Possible To Make a Gaming PC under 200 Dollars?


Make a Cheaper Than Ever Gaming PC Under 200 dollars!

While there’s no doubt that high performance gaming is becoming more and more cheaper as the years pass, it goes without saying that $200 is still a very small amount of money especially when you want to create a gaming PC with all of the necessary components. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. Short answer: With a few adjustments, you can create a gaming PC under 200 dollars but you’ll need to compromise on the integrity of some stuff as you’d be getting them off on ebay(used or refurbished):

Processor: Intel Xeon E5450

Although Xeons are made for servers, it goes without saying that you can find some pretty cheap ones that perform just as good for everyday computing tasks and gaming as well, making it worthy of being included in our affordable gaming pc build. The only tradeoff you’ll be facing here is that you cannot upgrade the CPU to newer ones such as the core i5 or the core i7 when you have the money because it uses the older LGA771 socket. You can, however, upgrade the system by changing both the motherboard and the CPU together, speaking of which:

Intel Xeon Processor

Motherboard: Dell Precision WorkStation RW199

LGA771 motherboards may be outdated, but their specs are pretty good, especially considering the price. You have two slots for CPU, appropriate PCI slots that can be used with the newer gen cards, 8 DIMM, and most of the ports that you expect from standard today’s motherboard with the exception of USB 3.0.



CPU Cooler: 1PC 2200rpm Cooler

Nothing special here, just your regular cpu cooler that is comparable to stock cpu coolers. It’s not exactly from a well-known brand, but it will do the job just fine.

cpu cooler


While DDR2 RAM isn’t world-class considering that there are DDR4 chips available now, but do keep in mind that RAM doesn’t affect speed or framrerate to a noticeable extent unless you are using APUs or changing from older to newer DDR2 standards. Rest assured, this one will do the job just fine, and you can always add in some more RAM later due to the abundance of RAM slots.


Power Supply: EVGA 400 N1

There are many who might argue for going with a cheaper or a more downgraded or even used power supply, this is the one part when we will play a safe game no matter what the cost. We only recommend getting a new, genuine power supply from a reputable company so that you don’t burn down your house like some people who cheaped out on their PSU. So it goes without saying that EVGA 400N1 can provide more wattage than this system will ever require, making it a good choice if you want to upgrade to higher end stuff later down the line.


Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda ES 250GB

Well, you might not be able to fill in your entire steam library but this is a great and quality hard drive at this budget, not to mention that hard drives and SSDs are quite cheap when bought new as well so upgrading it won’t take time if you save up some money for a month or two.

Seagate HDD

Graphics Card: Power Color RX 460

Since the GPU manufacturers have a habit of keeping the price of their graphics card higher than the MSRP, we have no choice but to recommend an RX 460 rather than the GTX 1050. It’s still an amazing 1080p performer, and can also run modern AAA titles at medium/high settings with a respectable framerate. If you’re into MOBA games and other less demanding titles than you can easily surpass 60fps at 1080p with this bad boy. You could also go for the GTX 750ti if you prefer Nvidia cards but the RX460 definitely performs better in most if not all of the games out there.



Okay, though we didn’t include the case in our cheap gaming pc build, since you can do what many people do (just use it without a case), it’s still an acceptable option. But if you must have a case, then we recommend the Deepcool Teserract WH Mid tower PC case. Do keep in mind that this increases the overall cost of the PC to ~$220.

PLEASE NOTE: The sellers on any shopping website whether Amazon, ebay, newegg, ncix or any others will change the price of these products quite often so depending on your luck you might get these parts for a little under or a little over $200. Rest assured that these parts will never be too expensive.

So, there you have it, a full-fledged gaming PC under 200 dollars (or a little over depending on whether you buy a case) with a quad core CPU, 4GB RAM and a GTX 750Ti.