Lambton College To Add Varsity Gaming As A Sport!

Because Those 360 NoScope Shots Ain’t No Joke!

Never could play hockey or football because you spent hours playing MOBA or FPS games? The Lambton college can let you be the jock for once as it will add varsity gaming to it’s list of sports in September!

The student lounge is supposed to be filled with 20 high end gaming computers and will also be used for recreational use but at the moment, the school will be focusing the equipment to be used for esports gaming teams, says a member of the staff.

“It became apparent this should be treated like any other varsity sport, and it will sit under our Lion’s umbrella. These will be student athletes and they will be treated as such with our code of conduct, our policies and our eligibility.”

It will compete against other post-secondary teams coming across North America which is also starting to add esports gaming to their sports section. The league hosts tournaments with more than $200,000 in scholarships and prizes up for grabs this season.

The team will focus on PC gaming (thank God), and will focus on a lot of different genres of games such as fighting, role-playing, adventure, puzzle, RTS and many more.

Vancouver’s Kurtis Ling, 24, earned $1.6 million competing in eSport tournaments worldwide in 2015.

“There’s this sort of stereotype where you have the unemployed male playing video games all day in his parents’ basement,” he once said in an interview.

“That’s actually me, that’s who I am, except I’m employed in it.”

What a time to be alive!

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