Long-Time EA Access Subscribers to Get a 2TB Hard Drive

Be Ready For Your Surprise Package If You’ve Been An EA Access Subscriber Since The Start

Quite recently, folks have started receiving a surprise package in their mail that has a 2TB external hard drive and 3 one-month EA access membership codes, plus a note from EA.

“We figured with the 40+ games in the Vault, you could use some extra hard drive space, plus a little extra something to get your whole crew on board,” reads the note from EA.

Considering that the 2TB hard drive (which is a Seagate one, FYI) goes for ~$100 and the membership codes at $5 each, it’s a pretty sweet thing to get a gesture from EA that they care about people who have been with them from the start. EA Access was a subscription based service that started on August 2014 for Xbox one and saved you 10% on every digital purchase plus a library of different games to buy. You could also play some games ahead of launch on the service.

EA Access will soon be joined by another digital game program on Xbox One. The Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix-style service that provides access to a 100-game library for $10/month, will launch later this year. By comparison, EA Access costs $5/month or $30/year.

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