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Microsoft Promises a Fix for Stuttering Problems in Windows 10 Creator’s Update


You Can Try The Fix Now If You’re In The Insider Program

The creator’s update for Windows 10, when it was rolled out on April this year, had mixed opinions from the folks who tried it out. While the update did promise improvements to gaming, lots of people complained about stuttering issues when gaming.

Although the number of people who complained were small, they were persistent enough for Microsoft to take a look into the issue, who confirmed this in a recent post on their support site where company Engineer Paul Aaron said that there is indeed a problem, and that it will be fixed soon enough.

“Thanks to all of you who provided feedback and submitted traces via the Feedback app. We’ve been reviewing the traces and have identified an issue that we believe is the cause of stuttering in some of the cases that you’ve reported,” Aaron wrote. “We have a fix in the Windows Insider build that flighted to the ‘Fast’ ring this week (build 16273 and above). If you are already an Insider please test it with any app or game you’re having this problem with and let us know how it goes.” 

Aaron urged insiders to report whatever they noticed from the fix in the thread and to submit another feedback item if it fails to help. He adds: “Your feedback on this change and the Insiders build will help us evaluate the fix so we that can decide if it should be released for the current version of Windows 10,”

There’s another workaround reported by MSPoweruser that mentions that disabling the Xbox Game DVR feature removes the problem, although that hasn’t been completely confirmed yet. If you’re not an insider yet, but want to enroll your PC to the program, here’s how you can do it and install the fix as well!