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Nintendo Switch App Updated, Allows Chatting When Screen Is Locked


Took Them Long Enough

The Online app for Nintendo Switch was launched for smartphones back in July this year and enabled chatting with friends online and inviting people to matches on Splatoon. But, there was a caveat that you needed to keep the app open and your phone unlocked to enable the functionality, but not any longer.

The app has been updated for both Android and iOS so you can chat with your friends whilst using other apps or keeping the phone locked. The patch note states:

“Voice chat will now continue when other apps are opened … [and] during sleep mode.”

But, devices that run android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later will not be affected by this if users are in power saving mode as the stock power saving mode in marshmallow kills background services. However, one might be able to sort this out by having adding the app in a list of exceptions, if their android UI (Touchwiz, MIUI, etc) has that functionality.

The app is free for now but when Nintendo releases its complete online service launches next year, you’ll need to go for a subscription of $20 a year. The full version will have services like online multiplayer access voice chat, ability to download classic games like Baloon Fight, Dr. Mario and more.

In other news, Executive for Nintendo states that they may not have enough supply for the huge demand of the Nintendo Switch.