Player Completes 100% Speedrun Of Loz:Botw, After 49 Hours!

Loz:Botw is Legend of Zelda:Breath of The Wild, LOL!

If you were thinking that Skyrim was big enough, wait till you play the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, as a user has successfully completed the entire speedrun of the game and it took him 49 hours to do that. Wow, just wow (not world of warcraft). You can take a look at the entire speedrun here:

According to Kotaku, the player was named Xalikah and he precisely was able to complete the entire game within 49 hours, nine minutes, and 41 seconds. The definition of 100% here is quite large as it includes:

-All heart and stamina upgrades (and thus all 120 shrines)

-All Quests (complete counters for main quests [15/15], shrine quests [42/42] and side quests [76/76])

-Complete map percentage counter (all koroks, towers, discovered places etc.)

-All Key Items (all dungeon rewards, Kilton medals, bridles, saddles, Hestu’s Gift, Confidential Envelope, Shiekah Slate+, Paraglider)

-Master Sword (this is the only weapon which can’t be gotten rid of)

-Fully upgraded Champion’s Tunic, Zora Armor Set, Wild Armor Set, Thunder Helm (these are the only clothing items you can’t get rid of. Note full upgrades requires all 4 great fairies)

-All fully upgraded Runes

-Full compendium (this gives you a key item)

NOT included would be:

-Sellable items

-Amiibo clothing/weapons etc

-Having to fill every inventory slot with something (this can be done in max%)

-All shrines chests/marker

Xalikah told Kotaku, “The hard part is thinking about all the items and stuff you need. Especially when the lack of sleeps kicks in. I had a good start on the first 24 hours. When I hit 30 hours, it was hard for me. I felt like the run wasn’t going to end, so I decided to take a nap break.”

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