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The Ultimate ‘Xbox One X Killer’ Gaming PC Build!


Time To Game At 4K And Kick Xbox’s Butt With This Affordable Gaming PC Build

While the Xbox One X hasn’t even been released yet, the war between the two communities has started once again with consolists claiming that it can beat a PC in terms of performance at the same price. But, all of us know better than to trust what the manufacturer shows you in terms of benchmarks (RX 480s not beating the GTX 1080 in crossfire despite AMD’s claims comes to mind). Even if we consider those benchmarks to be true, the PC building community can always do something better as we’ll be showing you today. But enough talk, behold the Xbox One X Killer Gaming PC Build!

Note: At the time of writing this article the prices of some graphics cards like the RX 480 and 470 had soared up abnormally due to lack of stocks. You can probably get a better deal when it’s settled back down.

Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti

While the GTX 1060 might have been a better fit for respectable 4K gaming, the GTX 1050ti is quite a good performer at that resolution, hitting 60fps in some games like GTA V and costs way less so we have more room to pick decent components like the Case and Hard Drive.

xbox one x killer gaming pc

CPU: Intel Core i3 7100

In the CPU department it’s a matter of choosing between this and the FX 8350 but better single core performance and a more modern processing architecture made us lean towards the blue team. And of course buying an i5 or a Ryzen CPU is a complete no-no due to budget constraint here.

Xbox One X Killer PC

RAM: Corsair 8GB 2133MHz Single Stick RAM

You once again have a choice between selecting this or the dual 4GB sticks for dual channel performance but it has minimal impact on gaming or practically anything else unless you’re using an APU here. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Xbox One X Killer PC Build

Hard Drive: Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive

Nothing special here. Just your typical 1TB hard drive that is good storage for everything. Besides, you can always buy a 120GB SSD at around the same price later down the line and get a snappier Windows too.
Xbox One X Killer PC

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B250M Motherboard

Not a lot of choice in terms of motherboard since they all serve the same purpose. We went with a cheap but still reliable option here.

Xbox One X Killer PC

PSU: EVGA 430W W1 Power Supply

Enough to handle all of the components mentioned in the article and then some!

Xbox One X Killer PC

Case: DeepCool ATX Mid Tower TESSERACT SW-RD Case

Once again we didn’t have much of a choice here and rather just went with whatever works and is priced decently. It is a mid tower case so it’s big but that allows for good airflow. Plus, it includes case fans too.

Xbox One X Killer PC

What to expect: Calculating the cost of all of the parts brings a total price that’s close to the price of the Xbox One X but as far as performance goes, the 1050ti can handle itself better at 4K if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit on the graphics (something the Xbox One X will do anyway). If you’re willing to spend a bit more on the graphics card you can easily get a much more decent performer like an RX 470 that’ll run games at 4K with even better framerates.

What are your thoughts on this PC build? We know for a fact that you have different CPU and GPU in mind for this build. Let us know in the comments below!