Windows 10 Creator’s Update Is Out

Has A Lot Of Good Stuff To Offer In Terms Of Gaming

Windows 10’s latest update named the ‘creator’s update’ is now out with some changes that will be useful for gamers including a new game mode, a new way to stream your games, and have more support for game bar, along with a few others.

Kevin Gammill, the project manager for the Xbox partner group, states that the game mode will improve overall consistency when playing games and that Microsoft aims to put continued investments and make it better for 2 years at the very least. If you already have the creator’s update, you can enable game mode by pressing the settings button on the game bar (the little gear icon) and select game mode. Easy peasy.

Another noteworthy addition is the new streaming service by the company named ‘beam’ which aims to replace twitch and YouTube gaming as a streaming service. You can turn on the streaming mode by pressing the settings button and then selecting the broadcast button (the one shaped like a dish). You’ll need to create a beam account but not right away. If you’re live streaming, the service will create a temporary account for you and when you’re done, you can first create your permanent account afterwards.

Although game bar is something we’ve had since a long time on Windows 10, it has been updated to support more games now. In addition, you can now change the settings so that the Game Bar will automatically pop-up on games that support it. All in all, there’s a lot to look out for in terms of the new update!

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